Food Concession Trucks

Food Concession Trucks

Walt’s Auto Repair understands that your Food Concession vehicle is the most important thing to your business. Because of this, we care about the readiness of your vehicle and know that a down vehicle, or one that has been down too long, will cost you money, as well as a customers.

Therefore, Walt’s Auto Repair wants to help you keep your Food Concession Truck / Vehicle as road-worthy as you do. We want to be the company you look to for quality, reliable fast service. And, because we know the significance of that vehicle being on the job, we will put the same level of importance, and urgency, on keeping each vehicle running in top condition as you would.

In essence, Walt’s Auto Repair is in the same business as you. Service. And we, like you, want to build long term relationships with our customers. Our commitments are simple; to help you minimize your downtime, and decrease your service and maintenance related operating costs per mile.

Service for Fleet cars, SUV’s, vans, Food concession vehicles &
light trucks of all Makes and Models:

  • Tune-Ups
  • Oil Changes
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Brake System Repair
  • Fuel System Service and Repair
  • A/C and Heating Repair
  • Major/Minor Transmission Work
  • Electrical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Engine Driveability Diagnosis
  • Suspension Repair
  • Wheels & Tires